Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthrough Guide | Latest

Following the Thread Witcher 3

Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthrough is a quest in The Witcher 3 game. It is a lengthy quest with many small parts, but it will give you a ton of enjoyment while playing.

This quest has many interesting things for you including furious monsters, old friends, and difficult decisions which you will have to make at the right time. The quest is all about finding another witcher named Ekimmara and getting back to a safe area to collect your reward. Let us have a brief guide that will help you to successfully clear the mission.

Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthrough Guide | Latest

Let us Start the Brief Guide

Starting the Quest

You are going to visit three different places where Ciri was spotted. You and Yennefer are ordered by Emperor Emhyr to bring Ciri to him. Therefore, your task is to visit those three locations and find out about Ciri. You are told about these locations in detail, which include Velen, Novigrad, and Skellige. After reaching your first location you will receive a message board namely Monster in the Bits. You will have to sign a contract here that is going to guide you further.

Tracking the Monster

Once you move towards the location where you are asked to go, you will find a crime scene there. You are now going to act like an investigator and use witcher powers to find out the monster. Following the Thread Witcher 3, there will be clues and tracks which you have to find by using your sense. If you track them sensibly, they will lead you to a dock. As you will find no other clues so you will swim to the other side and continue the search.

Defeating Ekimmara

Ekimmara is a very cunning witcher with the additional quality of invisibility. These things make it difficult for you to catch him but when Lambert will be there, he will easily distract the witcher. The best trick to defeat him is to stay in your active senses while trying to do so and the best thing is to attack his back which will serve as a weak point and will be easier for you to defeat him. His defeat will help you to get a partnership with Lambert.

Witcher 3 Following the Thread Walkthrough Guide

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Another Trouble to Coping With

Defeating Ekimmara might seem like an end to the quest but you never know what is coming next in Witcher 3 Following the Thread. The next trouble will arise when Lambert will ask about the supervisor. Once the supervisor will know about his search he will call his guards and will run away. Those guards will serve as trouble for you as they will act as a hurdle in your way. Later on, you will discover that supervisor does not know about Karadin while a person named Vienne has got more information about him.

Searching Hammond

Hammond is located in a village on the island of Faroe. On your arrival in the village. The villagers will trap you. And they will investigate you about your purpose of arrival in their village. Once the villagers will inquire about you, they will have no other decision than to lay you down to death as you appear as intruders to their village. But of course, you will have to save yourself from this so the only option will be to kill the villagers to save your life.

Meeting with Lambert

Now you have to head towards the Inn faster, as Lambert is there. Once you will reach there, you are going to get updates on the events that happened in Selys Lambert will also talk with you about the details of Karadin’s dealing. You both will take a while to have a few discussions and later on together move towards the estate of Karadin’s.

Deal with Karadin

Once you reach Karadin’s estate, you will be invited in before even thinking about it. Karan looks like he was aware of the visit but still, he did not do something to protect him. However, you both will find out that the person is very much changed. Now the choice is up to you that you kill him or settle with him some deals and let him live with his family.


The Witcher 3 is an amazing game that has captivated players for hours on end. If you are looking to play it, keep reading our blog post! Following the Thread will help guide you through this expansive RPG world, and give tips on how to complete side quests more efficiently.

Be sure to come back for updates as we explore everything there is in The Witcher 3 including crafting materials and armor sets! Witcher 3 Following the Thread is a quest in The Witcher 3 game. It is a lengthy quest with many small parts, but it will give you a ton of enjoyment while playing. This quest has many interesting things for you including furious monsters.

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