Top 10 Best Zombie Games for PC In 2022

Best Zombie Games for PC

There are a lot of video games with very definite undead features therefore it is quite difficult to pick through a massive collection. Here you have a list of the best zombie games for PC. All the titles are easily available for purchase. Let’s have a look at them. You can play any of the games without any hustle.

Top 10 Best Zombie Games for PC

Here we go with Best Zombie Games for PC

  • State of Decay 2
  • World War Z
  • DayZ
  • Killing Floor
  • Call of Duty Zombies
  • Dead Rising 4

State of Decay 2

This series is created by undead labs and released in 2018 by Microsoft studios. The original version of State of decay is especially for PC and XBO. The second series has some advanced and the latest features than the first one so you will get a far more amazing experience. However, players can find themselves in other pen-world best zombie games pc. Third-person shooter games allow the players to create a sanctuary-type fort. These houses are safe shelters from flesh-eating monsters. 

World War Z

The third-shooter video game was introduced by Saber Interactive and published by focus home interactive in 2019. The original version of the game was released for PC, PS4, and XBO platforms.  So, if you are looking for more chaos and action toward the zombies.

World War Z is one of the best choices. As the game is multiplayer, more than one player can work together against the zombie war and defeat a massive horde of undead. The movement of zombies is a bit fast than normal, can easily reach the higher grounds, and can easily attack. Players can apply multiple strategies to trap them as they are provided in different locations around the world. 


Open world DayZ is the creation of Bohemia Interaction and was introduced by Bohemia interactions in the early ’90s. The game also gained ARMA 2 title as traction mode for online video games. This campaign includes survival strategies for players during the zombie pandemic. Moreover, fighters can interact with humans and join forces to fight against each other. The multi-mode series allows them to switch back to the first person.

Killing Floor

Fantastic killing floor was created by Shatter line and published by Tripwire interactions in 2005. In the beginning, an unreal tournament comes but later it turned into a retail title. There are a total of two installments of this series, offering the same background music and story. However, developers are trying to generate genetic manipulation and clothing. Killing floor is a multiplayer game or players can easily switch between different modes. The upcoming installment will work with unreal engine 4.

Call of Duty Zombies

The third-person action game was developed by various and launched by Activision in 2007. The original version of the game was released for PC, PS4, and XBO platforms. Call of duty is one of the most popular series among the best pc zombie action games. Thus, many gamers pick up this version just to enjoy fighting off the undead.

The game appeared with the title call of duty: world war. But later call of duty: Black Ops Series was introduced in another installment. This is a wave-based game where players have to fight for growing numbers of the undead horde. Computerized maps are available to the players, they can get extra points while roaming across the map roads. They can explore additional lock sections after unlocking them. Fighters can get weapons by these bonus points instead of purchasing them.

Dead Rising 4

Dead rising 4 is a third-shooter game, created by Capcom and launched by Microsoft studios in 2016. Capcom offers fighters more action-adventure experience with dead rising. Players can melee attack hordes of zombies with multiple weapons. They can customize their weapons.


Here’s a list of all the best zombie game guidelines, from World War to call of duty. Mentioned games have all those features that a gamer wants to include in his gameplay, so you know exactly which series you want to explore.

Zombie shooter games provide a sequence of adventures to the players.  Here we are presenting a list of the top 10 best zombie games for PC. All the titles are easily available for purchase. Let’s have a look at them. You can play any of the games without any hustle. We also have the Best Fighting Games to play right now. so, we hope that you would like it and share it with your friends and family Thanks.

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