Top 10 Best Fighting Games to Play Latest | 2022

Best Fighting Games to Play in 2022

Best Fighting Games might have some tough technical reputations but due to different guidelines. And video tutorials, there has never been a better time to get into this highly competitive game. You can enjoy these amazing games with the most active communities. We have introduced some classic curve balls so that you can practice and get the best PC fighting games. Some fighting games are following below.

The fighting game genre is one of the oldest in gaming. The first-ever fighting game was a boxing title released by Atari in 1983. Since then, video games have become increasingly realistic and graphics-intensive. In turn, this has led to a decrease in the popularity of the traditional 2D fighter that once dominated arcades everywhere.

Despite this, there are still many current titles available on major consoles that provide hours upon hours of entertainment to gamers around the world. The fighting game genre is one of the oldest in gaming with its origins dating back to Atari’s release of “Boxing” in 1983 (Fighting Games). As time progressed technology became more advanced and allowed developers to experiment with different ideas. Leading to new innovations such as 3D graphics.

Top 10 Best Fighting Games

Latest Fighting Games for all Gamer

Guilty Gear Strive

Arc System Works may be very popular for animal-style fighters and Dragon ball fighters. The Xrd generation has created a fantastic 3D model strive game. Guilty Gear Strive with amazing graphical planes represents the voiced stage for characters. The game is refined with its music characters and combats. They all play a very decent role. This series has two robust training and tutorial models.  Models are ended with two-on-one friendly boss encounters. Players are trained with new fighting skills, enhancing their physical appearance as well. 

Mortal Kombat 11

NetherRealm sets high standard crunchy combat and gore in its long-standing Kombat mortal series. Mortal destroys all the expectations about Scorpion Piledriving sub-zero with various facilities. Moment-to-moment combat is hitting hard as the fighting feeling is good as the blow feels sweet. You can also personalize projectiles before tossing them at foes. Therefore, this is one of the Best Fighting Games on this list.

Dragon Ball Fighterz

Arc system works on some most technical complex fighting games to build a great experience on the market. FighterZ is a slick tribute to this version. For dragon ball fans, they have introduced gorgeous anime effects with aesthetic matchups to enhance the intro and finish cutscenes.

The game also provided DLC characters as an alternative to the base roster. The last character of season III was super seven with two enemies famous cooler and Broly. Due to the availability of combo-driven freneticism in DBFZ, this game has become the best option for newcomers. Moreover, the flexibility of the system lets you start quickly and tag during specific attacks.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

The game does not have a great launch but in 2018. Arcade Edition has introduced an official series of games with full potential and achieved a high seller rank in the market. Streetfighter has set a standard against all other fighting games.

So, therefore, if you want to experience combos and fireballs, should start with street fighters. This series is for PlayStation 4 and PC. Due to online gaming services, players can compete against everyone who is playing online. In the future, the street fighter is looking forward to introducing new characters and tags to make it more addictive for gamers.

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Tekken 7

Tekken 7 with its deep story mode for the actual fights, is the end of cinematic flourishes and saga. The series of stony-faced fighters and slow-motion close-ups punctuate each mission’s tensest moments. Therefore, this game competes with 3D fighters during tactical robust battles to provide strong technical play. All these combos and insane visuals make the gameplay more impressive.

This is the 2nd best game in these Best Fighting Games. A fantastic combination of deep, complex mechanics and visual dramas makes the game one of the most demanding. And exhilarating games among the others in the market. Moreover, season four gives new players like Kunimitsu and Lidia that make it one of the biggest crossover games.

Samurai Shodown

Samurai Shodown is the best effort of SNK and has a great working history in making fighting games. Many cult classic games are weapons-based games. Where you need huge potential chunks to hit every lop. The game highly emphasizes footsies than flashy strategies. Hence, incredibly tense and gorgeous games are worth investing time into. You can make a spectacular comeback with well-timed strikes.


Online fighting games with great thrill and tense cutscenes are worth playing. There are plenty of ways to enjoy these fighting titles. Gamers who have a passion to fight like world warriors must give a try to these top fighting games. Therefore, these Best Fighting Games are world-famous. Anyone can play them any time and most of these fighting games are easy to play for a moderate gamer.

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