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Resident Evil Village Bosses

Resident Evil is one of the many video games which have some evil characters in it. These evil characters are commonly called bosses within the game. We have compiled a guide to all those Resident Evil Village Bosses as we want you to learn about them and be able to play well. But in case you do not want to break the twist then this article is not for you. There are many major and minor bosses in this game but here we are going to focus on some of the major bosses and their characteristics.

Resident Evil Village Bosses Guide

The major bosses of Resident Evil are:

  • Lady Dumitrescu
  • Bela, Daniela, and Cassandra
  • Donna Benevento
  • Urias
  • Uriaș Strӑjer
  • Moreau
  • Heisenberg
  • Mother Miranda

Description of Resident Evil Village Bosses

Let’s learn about the brief entries of these bosses.

Lady Dumitrescu

Lady Dumitrescu has turned into a dragon and it seems like she will fly around you and try to kill you. But as this boss is a flying creature therefore when she will flew away there will be enough time for you to fire your bullets on her.

In the first phase, you will be standing on a staircase and trying to kill her as she will attack you. During the second phase, she is going to move around you while you are standing on a tower. Just try to keep moving and shooting at her. In the third phase she will fly away but only to attack you with a much heavier force so you must be ready for it.

Donna Beneviento

This boss is a doll maker lady but does not try to consider her as soft as a doll because she and her dolls are all evil. You might have to move like a hide-and-seek game while facing this boss. The trick to killing her is stabbing a doll three times. Mostly you will find this doll upstairs that is dressed like a bride in a white wedding gown. You must not go for her flattery and stab her in the head three times as soon as she confronts you.

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Urias is a big dopey Lucan bully. Although he looks like an old man you cannot doubt his strength. He is a fortress boss who does not forgive anyone entering into his personal space, especially his house. This is a pretty humanly fight but he hits with such power that you will lose yourself within seconds. The best trick to beat him is maintaining a distance between him and you. The best time for you to kill him is when he is preparing for the next attack.

Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore is a big boy trout fish who is going to make you hate the name of fish because of the ugliness and evilness. Moreau is another form of Lady D, but here it is even eviler. Although Moreau is closed in a tank still he is furious enough to kill you. He will try his best to bite you with his large human teeth. A single bite from these teeth may kill you completely so you must try to save yourself from them as much as possible.

Karl Heisenberg

Karl is a big robotic fleshy machine. The best trick to beat him is to avoid his enormous attacks because they are strong enough to kill you in one move. You can only kill him by attacking the red spots on his body which are glowing and can easily be seen. Attacking him with missiles will be helpful but also look out for his attacks. 

Mother Miranda

She is the final boss and therefore she is going to give you a pretty hard time. There are phases of her attacks. But each phase has almost the same kind of fight with a bigger difference that she will fight will an even larger force after each phase. She is the toughest boss of all Resident Evil Village Bosses. The trick is to be patient and learn from her moves the trick to fight her.  She will herself give you clues about the way you should kill her.


We hope that this article will surely help you and guide you regarding Resident Evil Village Bosses. Therefore, we have compiled a guide to all those Resident Evil Village Bosses as we want you to learn about them and be able to play well but in case you do not want to break the twist then this article is not for you.

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