Resident Evil Games in Order | All Resident Evil Games

Resident Evil Games in Order

Resident Evil Games in Order: Resident Evil is a horror play station game and media series developed by Capcom. Sustenance terror, third-person snipers, and first-person snipers are all included. The following list ranks the games based on their longevity, influence on the industry, and adherence to the three basic franchise pillars.

List of All Resident Evil Games in Order

  • Resident Evil
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Resident Evil Remake
  • Resident Evil 3 Remake
  • Resident Evil 5
  • Resident Evil 6
  • Resident Evil 7
  • Resident Evil Zero
  • Resident Evil Code Veronica
  • Resident Evil Eight Village
  • Resident Evil Nemesis
Resident Evil Games in Order

Resident Evil

Though “Alone in the Dark” had been launched the year before, the industry had never seen a horror game like “Resident Evil.” It was darker, with more writing and stronger guns. it is the game that, based on its opening, is the definitive definition of “survival horror.”

Resident Evil 2

It still does stuff that modern Resident Evil games haven’t done. It was two games in one, with two heroes that go about the planet fighting different creatures and meeting new characters.

Resident Evil Remake

 It was a great way to build mystery and dread until you realize the dreadful, inconvenient fact. Fans still cite the “Remake” as the reason the series should return to pre-rendered backgrounds. It’s the best place for a new Resident Evil fan to start. This is one of the best Resident Evil Games in Order to play anytime.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

The remakes of old Resident Evil games have generally been a hit – including this one, known for its low ranking on the charts. It faced the difficult task of modernizing while also evoking the classic mystery advancement of the series. This remake focused more on action than the original.

Resident Evil 5

It was Capcom’s first effort into multiplayer, which always had the potential to reduce the horror factor. While it’s less scary with a friend, From the problematic portrayals of African zombies to the illogical text, much of the game’s presentation has aged poorly.

Resident Evil 6

Anyone who has been following the series should not be surprised by this location. The game carried Resident Evil’s cinematic ambitions to ludicrous, absurd extremes, nearly completely abandoning its horror foundations in favor of a more cartoonish aesthetic. 

Resident Evil 7

It’s the scariest in the series. It also came after years of first-person resident evil zero.

Resident Evil Zero

Resident Evil Zero contains some of the most famous settings in the series. It provided a perfect opportunity to examine another part of the triggering act that started the whole thing. Despite this, the game fell short by providing us with tepid monsters, and an illogical plotline that contributed nothing new to the mythos. And a convoluted partner system that was ambitious but ultimately slowed the pace.

Resident Evil Code Veronica

“Code Veronica” is well-known for being the third game. However, due to a glitch in the planning process, it had given a different name. As a result, it was the first difficult step into a fully-realized three-dimensional setting, marking a departure from the gargoyle-like backgrounds of the previous games. This is one of the best Resident Evil Games in Order.

Resident Evil Eight Village

Because this entry is so new, it’s hard to decide where to put it. “Village” is a fantastic Resident Evil and survival horror experience. It is a unique and amazing plot that makes producing Resident Evil games seem simple.

Resident Evil Nemesis

It is perhaps the most accessible of the three great games to play again and again today. This time around, protagonist Jill Valentine is armed with more weapons than ever before. She even has her dodge maneuver, which brings the series one step closer to its eventual transformation into an action franchise. In addition, “Nemesis” introduced the concept of ammo crafting to the series, which would become a staple in many sequels.


The Resident Evil is the greatest scary game series and the fact that its film adaptations are the highest-grossing live-stream game film series. Resident Evil is also the most successful franchise in the scary and undead categories. This article is a complete list of All Resident Evil Games in order of release. So, we hope that you will find it helpful thanks.

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