Internet Banking in Pakistan

Internet banking is a convenient way to bank from the comfort of your own home or office. You can transfer funds, pay bills and manage your finances with ease.

There are many internet banking options available in Pakistan. The most popular ones are Meezan Bank, Standard Chartered Pakistan, and Faysal Bank.

Internet banking is a safe and secure way to the bank. All you need is a computer or mobile device with an internet connection. Your transactions are protected by a security code that only you know.

So, if you’re looking for a convenient and safe way to the bank, internet banking is the way to go!

Meezan Internet Banking

A simple and direct way to conduct banking transactions anytime and anywhere!

Mizan Online Banking offers a comprehensive solution to meet your banking needs anytime, anywhere. Simply take advantage of the best banking experience available without leaving your home or workplace.

The importance of online balance services

Mizan Online Banking is easy to use, secure, and available 24 hours a day. Small businesses rely on online banking so they don’t need to visit the bank as often and can make financial decisions based on the latest information. Businesses that do not use online banking services are at a disadvantage in the information-driven business world.

Business Activity Review

Through Libra’s online banking interface, business owners, accounting staff, and other employees who are on vacation can quickly check things like deposits, checks transferred, and funds transferred. This makes it easier to ensure that all bank transactions run smoothly every day, rather than waiting for monthly account statements. Errors or delays can be detected and corrected quickly, perhaps before they have an impact on business.

Improve Business Productivity

Mizan Online Banking helps people do more. Routine banking tasks can take less time if it can be automated so that people don’t need to go to the bank as often and if people can work on demand rather than of hours. In addition, online search tools, banking procedures, and other software can help employees research transactions and solve banking problems without having to speak to bank employees. Through the use of electronic bank files, credit card transactions and bank account balances are sometimes automatically reconciled at the end of the month.

Lower banking costs

Often, banking relationships and costs depend on the resources required. Companies that require more bank employees and need more help with wire transfers, deposits, search requests, and other banking tasks often have to pay more bank fees. By using Meezan Online Banking, business expenses and banking costs are reduced to a minimum.

Reduce banking errors

The use of online banking services reduces the scale of banking errors. Automating payments, wire transfers, and other regular financial tasks makes sure that payments are made on time and may stop errors caused by typing errors or user error. Also, if you use online banking, you will not make mistakes due to incorrect typing or wrong information. Often, important accounting data can be checked two or three times using electronic files and daily reviews of bank statements. This makes the financial statements more accurate.

Increase fraud and reduce fraud

Through audits and other anti-fraud measures, companies’ finances are looked at closely. This means that all financial transactions must be very clear. By using Mizan Online Banking, all accountants, managers, and business owners who change their banking activities leave an electronic trace.

What is HBL Internet Banking?

HBL Bank Limited is the net profit of HBL bank customers and others, it is a great office and customers enjoy real-time online banking management at any HBL bank branch. HBL Bank’s online banking services handle your cash registers.

Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Internet Banking

HBL Bank

The convenience of accessing your records 24/7 anytime anywhere makes it less demanding for you to perform various exchanges, for example, pay utility bills, exchange assets and review your history data, etc. With our new view, customers can now appreciate a more responsive user interface and experience another look and feel. See the Elements area for more data.

Components of Internet Banking (HBL Bank):

  • Brief Block your current dynamic VDC and restart it yourself
  • You can pay utility bills for yourself and your loved ones
  • Cashing in all day, every day from HBL Direct
  • You can plan bill payments and money transfers
  • Get an SMS alert on money-related exchanges from HBL Direct Web Banking.
  • View parity in your record
  • View or download your statement online in printable order
  • View card details
  • View your card statement
  • Join your FCY account with VDC, perspective balance, and account statement
  • Checkbook request
  • Financial account statement request

HBL Bank Phone Banking

Taking departmental money preservation to a radical new level, HBL Phone Banking brings you everyday office abroad and security departments. Do as many exchanges as time permits too, primarily by calling our toll-free number on (021) 11 425

Earn from the accompanying departments of HBL Phone Banking:

  • General questions
  • Account opening method
  • ATM areas
  • HBL Bank fee schedule
  • All data relating to the HBL bank item
  • branch areas
  • Step-by-step instructions for transferring money to HBL Bank:
  • Exchange assets to any HBL ledger
  • Exchange assets into any financial balance to take part of the interest

What is the HBL Bank Bill Payment Procedure:

Telecom/Mobile: Ufone, Mobilink, Warid, Telenor, Zong (postpaid, prepaid), PTCL Normal Line, PTCL Defaulter / Corporate, EVO Postpaid, EVO Prepaid, PTCL VFONE



Internet Service Providers: Wateen, Qubee, Wi-Tribe

Others:, Shaheen Airline

HBL Bank Online Money Saving History:

View the history of HBL Online Banking exercises using the History menu (for applications sent using Online Banking only) which includes:

  • Store conversion history
  • Fee payment date
  • Login log
  • The most efficient way to activate the account (HBL Bank)
  • It will be ideal if you follow these steps to start online banking at any HBL Bank ATM:
  • Visit the nearest HBL Bank ATM
  • Include your HBL Bank ATM/Debit Card and enter your ATM PIN
  • Once the ATM PIN is approved
  • Select HBL Direct Online Banking
  • Select Activate New Account
  • Enter the 8-digit legislation code as previously voiced
  • Upon active execution, you will receive a confirmation message on the ATM screen

Once the online banking desk is initiated, log in to HBL Direct Online Banking and finish the remaining part of the registration procedure as guided by the framework.

Step-by-step instructions for starting the account management procedure via the web:

If you don’t mind taking the given below action to start HBL Online Banking,

Step-by-step instructions for registering money online (HBL Bank)

To take advantage of HBL Direct Online Banking, you must be an HBL bank account holder and have a large ATM/Debit card. In the absence of a record, please visit the nearest HBL branch and open your record. Experienced branch staff will help you open your file quickly.

  1. Go to our homepage
  2. Select “HBL Internet Banking” from Digital Services
  3. Click on the “Enlistment” button.
  4. Complete the online application form.
  5. Give your Visa Debit Card number
  6. Select your customer ID and hit submit
  7. You will receive a non-permanent password through e-mail
  8. Enter your non-permanent password on the login page
  9. HBL Bank Account Information:
  10. Account information allows you to see a chart of your records
  11. The page gives you the POIs for all your connected records along with the currently accessible equation.


Make sure to register with the email address and mobile phone number you have with us in Banking Pk Register. If your contact points progress, please visit your nearest HBL branch.

Find out more about the best way to fix your contact details for using Money on the Web.

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