Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough Plus Guide, Tips & Tricks

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough

If you’ve been looking for a Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough to help you get through this game, we have one right here. We will show you how to complete the main quests and side missions in the most efficient way possible so that you can finish them more quickly. All of our strategies are based on personal experience with playing through Horizon Zero Dawn or from watching others play online. Which is your favorite strategy? Let us know.

With a huge open world, lengthy story, and a variety of quests to keep you busy on the PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be one of this year’s most popular games. The world of Horizon Zero Dawn is full of mystery, intrigue, and adventure. You’ll find our complete walkthrough on this page as we tackle the main questline in its entirety plus further down you can read about tips from experience with the game. In addition, there are other individual guides for aspects like leveling up or crafting weapons.

With more than 50 guests in total, it’s no wonder that there are many guides for this game. Let us take you through our favorite ones.
The first thing we have here is the full contents of a walkthrough on how to complete all story mode missions and annexes with tips from other players who’ve played them too- plus general information about Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough itself as well including basics like controls & combat mechanics alongside explanations why things happen certain ways (for instance: should Aloy use fire weapons against metal machines).

Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough

Lest Start Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough

The story of Horizon Zero Dawn is about the world and history that ties it together, but what makes this game unique are its characters. Aloy’s past in particular has been mentioned many times by developers as something worth exploring more thoroughly when players first start playing. Because it will help to understand her personality traits throughout gameplay sessions. Some people may find themselves empathizing with how difficult life was for them. Before they even got started. While others will want nothing else than vengeance against those who wronged their family generations ago.

The following Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough will focus on just the main questline. As it can indeed be played from start to finish with little deviation for grinding or side quests. Like other open-world games, it’s like. Players should not get discouraged if they miss out on some minor story details along the way. There is plenty more where these came from.

Tackling the Open World Adventure

You’ll be able to unlock the ability of overriding machines pretty early in your journey, but only for some smaller ones.

Machine overrides are an exciting new mechanic that was announced at E3 2017. When we got our first look at Horizon Zero Dawn since its release a year prior. You can start overriding these bad boys fairly early on during A Seeker. At The Gates main questline and this will grant you permission. Just as any other person with skills or abilities (no pun intended) is capable to do so. However, not all larger-type robots may respond well enough without additional upgrades. Which I assume won’t come until later down the road if ever added.

As you progress through the game and register more characters. It will become clear that all machines can be overridden with a cauldron. A dungeon-like side quest called Cauldrons lets players take on quests alongside their main story objectives to unlock new types of companions for use in battle and they’re not just any old machine. These powerful beings come at different levels depending on how many points have been invested in them. Complete one too late then your only option is undoing. Whatever happened already or risk being caught up by another player who has beaten what was preventing completion before now.

Combat is About Movement

In combat, it’s important to avoid getting hit. Machines have ranged and melee attacks that will kill you in two hits so your main objective is moving around the battlefield. While dealing damage yourself or healing with medicine packs on knocked-out opponents.
In order to keep up this strategy of movement through battle, there are a few tips. Firstly always be aware of what type of enemies each machine has. Because they might counter yours second don’t get distracted by their location. Some machines may seem farther away but actually move closer third watch out for electric traps.

Experiment with Different Weapons

Fortunately, there are two pieces of advice for combat in Horizon – what a blessing! It’s easy to ignore the variety of weapons and just stick with your trusty core combo: Lance or Bow. After all, you’ve got an ample range available from both melee engagement as well as ranged damage when using these alone; covering both close-quarters brawls that require more finesse alongside faraway battles where pinpoint precision is key.

One of the best parts about playing with a shotgun and slingshot is that they can be used in tandem. This means you don’t have to solely rely on these two weapons, but the drawback is there’ll be an entire list of items that are inaccessible if your inventory consists of only those items! However – for example- throwing grenades from across long distances might sound harmless enough (especially since it does quite high damage). However, this also lobs them at other enemies close by so their area effect makes up most/all harm done instead; whereas using guns like Rattler requires more skillful aiming skills due to its short-range requirement.

Tallnecks Unlocks More of the Map

Much like the ubiquitous ‘Ubisoft towers’ found in games such as Assassin’s Creed, Tallnecks act as a map tower for you to climb and activate. However, unlike other buildings that provide information about surrounding areas only one can be active at any given time; after missions A Seeker At The Gates & Echoes Of War there will now appear on your radar with blue symbols shaped similar to those of an iconic Native American chief.

To reveal the map, you need to climb up Tallnecks. A practice that varies depending on each one. Some require that you battle or sneak past some machine-like things. And others are guarded by Cultists who want nothing more than your valuables for their sick leader. Generally, they always ask first how high into terrain we can get so I go out there with all my might. Because if it means reaching those ogre gold nuggets then this task becomes much easier.
Through Horizon Zero Dawn Walkthrough you can scale whatever nearby ground is possible using hand holds marked yellow gold before jumping onto them.

Explore Lands Filled with Treasure Chests

From there, you can hop up from one part to another until reaching the top of a large tower. Once on board, activate your signal by pressing Triangle in its center. And then rappel down in slow motion like an action hero.

There are a whole lot of ways to make your time in Horizon more immersive, and we’ve got the best tips for you. For starters: unlock unlimited fast travel with Golden Fast Travel Pack. Find Power Cells that will help enhance Aloy’s abilities even further by pinpointing special locations on Earth called Shield-Weave. Cauldrons can also be used as overrides (located across all major regions). So, she’s always prepared when exploring these vast lands filled with treasure chests containing precious loot! And lastly.


If you’re looking for a Horizon Zero Dawn walkthrough, we’ve got all the information and videos that will help guide you as Aloy travels through this vast world. We’ll be updating with more helpful content to make your journey smoother as time goes on so stay tuned.

As you can see, the game is action-packed and has many different elements that make it enjoyable. It’s an open world with plenty of side quests to complete as well as puzzles to solve. The storyline progresses at a fast pace which keeps players engaged in what happens next. Horizon Zero Dawn offers hours upon hours of entertainment for those who enjoy playing games like this one.

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