Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough Complete Guide | 2022

Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough

Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough is an open-world adventure along with various maps that offers multiple optional contents. You will find many outside missions while progressing from side quests to hidden locations.

How Long To Beat The Ghost of Tsushima

All the side quotes of the main story will take you almost 30 hours, or visiting every single location pointed on the map should cover 40 to 50 hours. Completing all these points nets you a platinum trophy as a reward. It takes a long time to beat the Ghost of Tsushima. Therefore, the director’s cut comes along with the Iki Island expansion, which offers a new area to explore.

Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough

Playing through the main story of Iki Island takes around 4 to 8 hours, or takes almost 10 hours to complete side quotes with the Island. Overall completion takes around about 15 hours to cover all map locations. Ghost of Tsushima is PS4’s well-ranked and fastest-selling IP, which sells more than 2.4 million copies just in the first three days after release.

If you are strictly focusing on covering the main storyline, then it can take around 40 hours to complete. Besides that, completists can take a few more hours onto the runtime. Completing additional activities and side quotes will help out to improve the hero’s equipment, also offers you great strength to complete tasks and fight against the giant boss. You must need to pop up to find missions on the world map and use winds to locate them.

Ghost of Tsushima Guide

Due to all these activities, some extra hours will add up to your gameplay, which might vary your mileage. The Player’s playstyle or speed will also affect the time to beat the game. Sakai protagonists can face foes or become ghosts with methodical tactics that will take a bit longer to dispatch opponents. You can also skip main quotes or make focus only on combat guides. 

Overall acts in the Ghost of Tsushima

The game splits up into three acts: Act I, Act II, Act III. It’s worth clarifying that the mission’s length directly referred to technically tales as varies as do the Acts. However, the first two Acts are quite normal in length but the third one is the shortest.

Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough is perfect when you are riding for hours towards the beautiful world with the team, armed with screenshot buttons, swords, and environmental clues. Your playtime varies greatly depending upon how much of a completionist you are. This is an open-world game with various collectibles and side quests expansions. Ignoring all the side missions will take around four hours to clean the map locations.

Get Rewards, Explore & Complete Missions

After completing the linear mission, you will get the freedom to explore the first two regions, the south of the map called Izuhara. Players are offered to have access to two northern sections (Kamiagata, and Totoyama) after completing Act I. There are eight Mythic tales, each of them rewarding you with special abilities and power, and nine individual quotes with multipart quests or tales of Tsushima, which are one-off side quests.

Bonus & Rewards

Players get random peasants, either talking through town or rescuing random encounters while roaming in the countryside.

  • Hot springs and bamboo strikes are some collectible-style activities.
  • Which offers bonus points and new items as a reward to upgrade the character. 
  • After clearing through Back 4 blood’s three multiple Acts.
  • You will meet with a multistage boss.
  • The grand finale jolts the game’s difficulty up to 11.

These missions are complete with waves of zombies, area denying acid, and massive tentacles. Players are offered to load their selves with cards to tackle the extra weak spot and weapon damage to reduce the attack effect.

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If gamers are looking to pick up the game by which they can learn more about various editions, they all are available in the Ghost of Tsushima Walkthrough preorder guide. This series provides story headlines to complete the side mission and beat the boss fight. Completing all these points nets you a platinum trophy as a reward. It takes a long time to beat the Ghost of Tsushima. The director’s cut comes along with the Iki Island expansion, which offers a new area to explore.

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