Fortnite Sharky Shell, Waterfalls, Raven & New Seasons | Guide

Fortnite New Seasons

No one can deny that Fortnite is a popular game. The Battle Royale mode has become an international sensation, with over 125 million players worldwide! This month, Epic Games released the latest version of its free-to-play shooter, allowing players to jump into action right away. Check out our guide below to learn how you can experience this exciting new update for yourself.

This blog post will introduce readers to the newest release in the wildly popular video game “Fortnite.” With 125 million users worldwide and growing, there’s no doubt why this article will be helpful for anyone looking to get started with this fun online multiplayer gameplay. To help ease beginners in without overwhelming them all at once, we’ve broken down this guide into four.

Fortnite Sharky Shell

Where is Upstate New York in Fortnite?

Upstate New York is in Fortnite. Fortnite is a popular video game released in September 2017 with the goal of building a base and defending it from zombies for as long as possible. It can be played on either Windows, macOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or iOS.

The map of the world has been expanded from season 1 to include upstate new york in order to reach more players around the globe who were previously excluded. Because there were not enough players nearby to play among themselves This expansion brings Fortnite even closer than ever before so you can enjoy your favorite game every day.

How to Get Gold Lara Croft Fortnite?

You need to download “Fortnite” from the Appstore or Google Play. Once you start playing, gold Lara will spawn every 2 hours in the storm or around its border because she is an iconic character in Fortnite.

When Does Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 End?


Fortnite is a game where the player uses weapons to eliminate opponents, so they could theoretically play it forever. That being said, there are seasonal events in Fortnite that have finite timelines. Right now, Season 5 is still rolling with no end in sight. If other players are running out of time though, they could always use an Expense Cheat Code for free v bucks or other items during their next playthrough for belated celebrations.

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How to Sit Out in Fortnite?

Anonymous users on the internet say that these 3 tips helped them be successful in Fortnite:

  1. Play what you know until you get better.
  2. Don’t quit when you die in the beginning, and don’t bother stopping to look at your map in the middle of a game.
  3. Use sound – listen for gunfire and grenades in different parts of the map.
  4. Be aware of nearby loot.

Check for nearby enemies before running into unfamiliar territory or engaging an unknown person.”
“It might take a little longer to find people, but it’ll save ammunition and abuse from grenades.”

When Will Fortnite Season 11 Start?

Fortnite season 11 will start? on July 16th, 2019. It has been confirmed that a time anomaly event will be starting.

Fortnite’s first season took place back in 2017, and the first episode was made available on September 26 to battle pass owners. Today, all of Fortnite’s seasons have been free for players with a battle pass. Only is required for those who want the seasonal rewards contains within it. As well as other exclusive features such as challenges and access to the full array of items across all previous seasons.

Where Are the Waterfalls in Fortnite?

Answer: There are a variety of waterfalls throughout Fortnite. One is next to the Prisoner’s House which has a small pond. The Battle Bus has a waterfall on its right side while going up the mountain.

Inside Greypoole, there is also another waterfall that can be seen next to the railroad tracks and by the lake near Greentown. Lastly, Run-Down Summer Camp, one of six abandoned summer camps in Fortnite with no loot chests or major landmarks, has an easy to miss tall above its center; you’ll spot it when looking up at it from an oblique angle and will see two waterfalls streaming down from it like tears.

Fortnite Sharky Shell

Where is the Sharky Shell in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, Sharky Shiel is about a 5-minute drive from Snobby Shores. To get to him try going to Dusty Divot or Lonely Lodge and left hunting around for him.

Sharky Shell is available inside of the Wailing Woods close to a lake on a wooden dock near where there’s a pirate camp.

Where is Rebirth Raven in Fortnite?

According to the leaked pictures of her outfit, she is located on Snobby Shores. That area can be found by going to the right-hand side of Risky Reels. The location will show up as ??d0?c?? after you are playing for a while or are at high ground.

Where is a Raven in Fortnite?

Fortnite is the video game in which Raven, the Covered Woman, shows up. She abducts your friends and then leaves you with nightmares that will ensue for days. You can find her on all maps except Haunted Hills.

Raven won’t show up more than once every 6-8 games you play on different maps (not including the stadium), but she’s impossible to miss because of her sudden teleportation and her very easy-to-see clothing (black robe). If you want to fight Raven, she’ll quickly teleport away if you get too close; however, this also means it’s hard to deal damage to her…You’ll need some bullets! Bring some assault rifles or SMGs when hunting Raven down so that

Where is the Friendship Monument in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, there’s a Friendship monument at the edge of the map near Tilted Towers.

In Fortnite, there’s a Friendship monument at the edge of the map near Tilted Towers. It looks like it could be from a children’s toy or something that would exist in a child’s mind’s eye, and it empowers all nearby players with shield batteries when standing on it.


As of July 2018, Fortnite is the most popular game in history. It has more than 125 million players and it’s estimated that 40% of all gamers are playing this game every single day. According to Epic Games (the company that makes Fortnight).

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