Fortnite Characters Names & Location

Fortnite Characters & NPC locations For Quests

Fortnite Characters Names & Location

Fortnite Characters season 8 has launched a host of new amazing characters for players to interact and discover. New Fortnite characters are updated with pop superstar Ariana Grande, who return to join the fray alongside the Ghostbusting and spooky Mummy and Graven. Fortnite NPCs also some relaxation during royale battle. Players must have the ability to pick up collectibles and weapons. Moreover, you are provided with the service of a competitive edge against the opponent. Each Fortnite has a personal punch card based on a character to complete with hefty rewards. These characters help you to get Fortnite gold bars through them you can purchase weapons and collect essential guidelines. 

You will find more than 27 Fortnite character names around the Island. Players need to track one of them to visit collection tabs on the quests screen. Mummy and Graven being containment specialists, won’t appear as they are temporary during Fortnite mares. Their spawn in only one location makes them easier to find. All the characters are marked on their location, you can easily encounter them on the map. The character will be removed from the location if another player hired the same one. A list is provided of all characters of Fortnite:

Fortnite Characters Names & Location


Bushranger is one of the most recent characters that chapter 2 offers during gameplay. In 2021, the Fortnite Characters Names & Location community has found a dug grave instead of a bushranger. They can be played with peaceful music. NPC indicates that these characters are somehow killed by aliens during the invasion.

Fish stick:

This is one of the best Fortnite characters ever. You will love fish stick, as it extends Epic Games to DC Comics levels. Snapshots may present in the loop and respawn every 22 minutes.


This character helps to convince the players about Kelvin cube’s return to Fortnite in chapter 2. Glyphmaster contained purple glowing runes that a resemblance to the mysterious object from chapter 1. Also, this character wants to harness the energy of the spire. You can play a very prominent role in snapshot seasons along with Raz.


Peele is the most loved and amazing Fortnite character as it has a special connection with the Banana-themed characters. Players were delight to see their reunion in the cinematic opening of Chapter 2 season 6. 

Unlike other characters, cube Assassin appears at random areas, therefore is difficult to track. First, you need to enter Fortnite sideways through Anomalies if want to get a chance to encounter them. When these characters are arm with sideway Minigun, it becomes tough to take them down. Players should keep taking down the monsters to get progress in encounter time. Try to manage juggle deal successfully then huge interaction will be provided with a ghostly version of Cube Assassin. 

Fortnite Graven and Mommy are two advance NPCs created for Fortnite mares events. Due to the fleeting visit to Island, they both considered temporary skins and handy to meet. Players can activate a rift, sells their pumpkin launcher, and hire them to fight along with your side. Graven and mommy both can be found to the east of Convergence at Dusty Depot. One of the great features of these characters is that you have a variety of options to choose from and buy ant of them after the interaction.

Every new season offers an array of characters to play, during expeditions across the royale map battle. Some powerful characters help to unlock the gaming screen, but some of them serve the specific purpose of the main storyline. NPCs have become a staple of Epic games,  multiple quests, and bounties to get gold bars. They also sell weapons resources and duel with great rewards at the great victory.

Fortnite Characters Locations Map

Fortnite Characters Names & Location


If you are in search of a list of all amazing Fortnite characters and skins, you have to reach reached through the place. Fortnite has introduced awesome characters for each campaign with specific advancements. You can explore each of them to get experience throughout the game.

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