Disco Elysium Walkthrough with Guide, Tips & Tricks

Disco Elysium Walkthrough

Disco Elysium Walkthrough: It is a game where you need to talk your way through the story. You can’t fight any enemies or complete tasks. So, it’s up to dialogue choices and what information they provide that helps push this plot forward. The story of Disco Elysium is told through a number of tasks you need to complete, but don’t worry. They are not required in any order.

You are a detective investigating the murder of an acquaintance. In this psychological mystery game. Therefore, you play as four different characters with six unique skills each and can choose from three archetypes: Thinker, Sensitive or Physical.” Some skills will be more useful than others but even these least used ones may end up being needed for over 500 skill checks throughout gameplay. So, it’s best not to overlook any.

Disco Elysium Walkthrough

This game has a lot of dialogues. So, you’ll have to try your best not only at getting along with other people but also to figure out what they’re saying. Try asking easier questions first and see if that helps in some tough conversations later on down the road. If things don’t go as planned there’s always leveling up; just keep practicing until success rates improve for better results from now on.

Disco Elysium Walkthrough teaches that leveling up is a great way to improve your skills. But there are other ways. For example, you could wear clothes that give bonuses in certain skills. And investigate some of the thoughts within yourself for temporary or permanent boosts. You can also take stimulants temporarily which will allow you faster leveling.

Disco Elysium Hotkeys

I – Inventory
M – Map (when you have one)
C – Character Sheet
T – Thought Cabinet
P/K – Tasks/Journal
Space – Stop moving or advance dialogue when in conversation.
Double LMB – Run
Tab – Highlight objects/people you can interact with

Disco Elysium Walkthrough in 2 Parts

The Whirling-in-Rags Hotel
Investigating the Crime Scene
Getting the Body Down
Areas of Interest
Badge and Gun
Investigating the Murder
Confronting the Suspect
The Island

Part 1 Walkthrough

  • Getting started
  • Investigate the crime scene
  • Get the body down
  • Talk to Evrart Claire
  • Talk to Joyce Messier
  • Interview the smoking witness
  • Talk to Titus Hardie
  • Talk to Klaasje
  • Enter the Fishing Village
  • Find your badge
  • Find your gun
  • Reconstruct the murder

Part 2 Walkthrough

  • Find the suspect
  • Confront the mercenaries
  • Get to the island


Disco Elysium Walkthrough: Now that you have a general idea of how to play, it’s time for the big finale. At this level, there is only one goal. Find and activate the 4 hidden terminals in order to open up the door which leads into Elysium. You’ll need to bring out all your skills from previous levels if you want to get through this last challenge alive.

Don’t forget about using bombs or picking them up off enemies; they’re great at clearing large groups quickly. Good luck on your journey towards Elysium. You’ve successfully completed your journey through the Disco Elysium and we can’t thank you enough for playing. Therefore, we hope that this blog post has helped answer some of the questions.

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