Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan  

Why is car insurance required?

Car insurance is a good thing for your car. By insuring your car, you can protect yourself from exorbitant expenses in the future. If you invest small to protect yourself, it can help you avoid the next big expense. However, If you take out insurance for your vehicle, the insurance company helps you manage your vehicle expenses. If your car is involved in an accident, a good car insurance policy manages the cost of repairing or replacing your car and the cost of damages to other drivers.

Top 10 Best Car Insurance Companies in Pakistan | Guide

1. TPL Insurance:

TPL is one of the best auto insurance companies in Pakistan. The Company was invented in the year 2005 and the founder of this company is Jamil Yusuf Ahmed. It is the first insurance company to offer insurance directly to customers. TPL provides a 10% discount on car insurance and also offers various services for your car insurance policy such as new car registration, personal accident, elderly or female driver discounts, and claim bonuses. Laforey claims to have replaced the damaged and stolen vehicle within a week. TPL offers services 24/7 through calling and mobile application

 Tel: 0321 6190413

2. Jubilee Life Insurance:

Jubilee Life Insurance is a well-known and modern insurance company launched in the year 1995 in Pakistan. However, Jubilee offers a 10% discount on auto insurance and various auto policies to customers and helps solve all auto issues. Jubilee Insurance provides express claim services. Therefore, Jubilee is headquartered in Karachi and other branches operate across Pakistan. Jubilee Life Insurance offers 24-hour call services and also has a mobile app.

 Call: +92 (21) 111-111-554

3. EFU Life Insurance:

Eastern Federal Union Insurance Company was launched by Mr. Ghulam Muhammad in the year 1932. EFU is a large and trustworthy insurance company offering dynamic vehicle insurance policies as per the requirements of clients. EFU provides insurance for motorcycles, and private and commercial vehicles and protects customers from financial loss against theft and damaged vehicles. The head office of EFU is located in Karachi, Pakistan. EFU services are available 24/7 through the call center.

Tel: +92 21323 13471-90

4. Adamji Insurance:

Adamjee Insurance Company is one of the largest and best insurance companies in Pakistan. Great person Adamjee Haji Dawood founded Adamjee Insurance Company in 1960 and is based in Lahore. Adamjee offers innovative vehicle insurance services to its clients and helps save the vehicle owner from any financial loss in the event of an accident or stolen vehicle and third-party blame/liability. Adamjee offers 24/7 retail and call services for used car customers and fast claims settlements.

Tel: (042) 35772960

5. State Life Insurance:

The State Life Insurance Company started its journey in the year 1972 by ShoaibJavedHussain, the founder of this company. State Life is an old and reliable insurance company that offers different insurance values ​​according to customer satisfaction and provides individual and group services. The headquarters of State Life is in Karachi.

Tel: (042) 99205130

6. IGI Insurance:

IGI is one of the well-known insurance companies, it was started by Mr. Murtab Ali in the year 1953, and IGI has branches all over Pakistan. The IGI offers a complete car insurance plan to customers and offers full coverage against accidental damage to the vehicle, external self-ignition, tortious work, theft, terrorism, and third-party legal liability and guarantees the vehicle owner to claim full loss within 15 days. IGI offers the best price in the market and provides 24/7 services.

Tel: 042 23434111142

7. UIC Pakistan / United Insurance:

Universal Insurance Company was founded by Lt. Gen. R.M. Habibullah Khan Khattak in the year 1960. The head office is in Lahore and several branches are in Pakistan. Comprehensive insurance provides dynamic insurance values ​​to consumers and guarantees full financial protection in case of accidental vehicle damage, theft, terrorism, and legal liability to participants. UIC has instant claims settlement and provides 24/7 customer services through calling.

It is one of the largest and most famous insurance companies, offering various types of insurance to people including auto insurance. The head office of United Insurance is located in Lahore, and more than a hundred branches operate in every corner of Pakistan. United offers high-quality car insurance at the most affordable prices and offers discounts on various insurance rates. United Insurance provides 24-hour customer service, you can call the United Insurance Helpline for more information.

Contact: 042 36360253 | (+92-42) 35776475

8. PAC Qatar General Takaful Insurance Company:

Pak Qatar General Takaful Insurance Company has played an important role in introducing attractive insurance in Pakistan. In the year 2007 Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Thani J, who is a member of the royal family of Qatar established this company.

Takaful is headquartered in Karachi and provides various insurance values ​​to customers on private and commercial vehicles as per the requirements of the customers. The company offers high-quality insurance products at low prices and guarantees to save customers from any loss incurred in car damage. Provides Takaful services to customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tel: 04235441135

9. UBL Insurers Limited:

UBL Insurance Limited is associated with United Bank Ltd. So, UBL was jointly invented by bank sponsors, Bestway Group and United Bank Limited in 2007. However, UBL is one of the fastest-growing companies offering dynamic vehicle insurance policies at potentially low rates. Therefore, UBL guarantees complete vehicle damage coverage and has very fast claims settlement. UBL customer services are available 24 hours a day by calling 7 and here is the UBL helpline number;

 Contact; 042111845111

10. Al Falah Insurance:

Al Falah Insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies. Abdul Hai established Al Falah Insurance Company at the end of 2006. It has various offices in major cities of Pakistan. Al Falah provides attractive insurance coverage for cars, motorcycles, and accessories and guarantees you full coverage. Al Falah provides 24 x 7 services to consumers.

Tel: 042 786111121 234


All of these insurance companies are the best you can choose in of the one. According to your needs and demands. You can get further details and information from their official websites. You can contact them by email or phone number. These all are well-reputed companies in the terms of car insurance.

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