Best Paid Android Games in 2022 by Google Play

Latest Best Paid Android Games

There are many games available on google PlayStation that you can play freely, but the best gaming services required a little cash. Therefore, we are presenting the best paid Android games. In 2008, the google play store has released an Android market-for-sale game. This platform has grown very fastly but with some drawbacks. We are providing you with some guidelines that help you to understand each game before buying them. Let’s have a look at some best android paid games.

Android games are not only fun to play, but they can also be helpful for your health. Games like Solitaire and Angry Birds may seem like simple time-killers, but research has shown that playing these types of games can actually improve mental acuity. This article will provide the top five Android games that you should download today.

Best Paid Android Games in 2022


In 2011, the game was created by Moiang studios. Minecraft has an android port with the original pocket edition. Within a very short time, this series that spawned the entire gaming era also introduced an Android version.

This is the first game on this list of Best Paid Android Games. The basic purpose of this remade version is to confirm with previous Bedrock Editions. You will find all features of the PC and Mac versions in the Bedrock edition. The player can get great experience with Minecraft grindstone and anvils for enchanting and smithing the armor, also create house blocks with your friends to get bonus points. 

Chrono Trigger

Amazing Chrono trigger was created by Square Enix Co with RPG AND JRPG mechanics. Game with classic mode has become the second-best android paid game among the others. Japanese studio recreates the definite version with improved 3D graphics, visual display, and sound system. The main advanced feature of the series is that they have launched touch screen control to make the gameplay more impressive. The Chrono Trigger was launched with both the Dragon Quest series and the Final Fantasy series. 

Stardew Valley

Fantastic Stardew valley is a passionate project of Eric Barone, with farming RPG, and social and casual simulation. The game is a kind of a love letter for the fans of the Harvest Moon series. You can get a combination of owning a countryside farm with an intriguing port, social simulation, mini-game, and RPG mechanics. Players are free to choose the mode of their interest even on Android. Newcomers need to follow the beginner’s guide to Stardew valley to get a smooth game with maximum speed.


The game was developed by 505 Games SLR with sandbox, open world, and simulation buildings. This series is another original Android port for PC. All the functions are performed in the same manner on Android as on the PC. However, this game is in the 4th position in this list of Android best-paid games. Players can continue with multiple functions such as Dig! Fight! Explore on your phone.

Terraria contains more than 400 different enemies, 20+ NPCs to interact with and shelter, and 20 mini biomes. Fighters can experience boss fights, fishing, and flying mechanics through the potion-making sighting. All the sequences are just about your imagination. Some unique weapons are also available, that they can get with the progress in the gameplay.


The most demanding and iconic video game, Doom was released in 1993. The original version of the game requires an Android app, to complete the Thy Flesh expansion. Therefore, a remastered series was launched for android mobile devices. The game provides a solid hit of demon-slaying which is quite similar to Doom. Games can perform well at OG 4:3 as well as DE Hacked base. The game costs around $4.99, after getting this paid series, all the locked areas and related content become unlocked for the fighters.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding kitten is an original card game, cards against humanity. The game is specially introduced for those who are into kittens and explosion laser beams. More than one player is allowed to play at once. Almost 2-5 fighters can play virtually with friends and outsiders. You can also interact with them through a voice chat system. The latest version of the gameplay costs$1.99 and becomes available on the google play store. 


The Android operating system is a great platform for gaming as it allows developers to create games that are as high quality as console-based games. There are many different types of games available for this system, and they have been increasing in popularity over the last few years. Check out some of these awesome Android games.

The android operating system is a great platform for gaming because it allows developers to create high-quality games which can stand up to those found on consoles. There are many different types of games available on this system and they have become increasingly popular over the past few years.

For those who want to make memories with relive classic games, paid Android games are worth buying. Generally, players want a timeless RPG and immersive experience, so they must give try to this awe-inspiring game. We have provided a list of the best-paid android games, to help you to make the right choice. We hope that after reading this article you would be able to decide which android paid game is best for you o play. Otherwise, you can select any of the above best android paid games. We hope that you will like it. Thanks.

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