Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough with Complete Guide & Tips

Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough & Tips

Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough: It is a video game of epic proportions. If you’re looking for some intense, first-person shooter action then this game will not disappoint. Its latest version turns away from the traditional campaign in favor of more multiplayer modes and Specialist classes to master (with each class having multiple specialists).

In Battlefield 2042, you will have the opportunity to command a squad of elite soldiers in one of three different factions. You can choose from NATO forces, Chinese PLA, or FSB Spetsnaz and experience a variety of missions with each faction.

The game is set in an alternate future where World War III has broken out between these three global superpowers over natural resources. Oil fields have dried up and new sources are needed for fuel production. Your mission as commander? Get your team through various levels alive while completing objectives like rescuing hostages or capturing enemy territory. With our Battlefield 2042 walkthrough guide at hand. There’s no reason why anyone should be left scratching their head. When it comes to mastering this thrilling FPS video game.

Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough

Lets Start Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough

Game Modes

Battlefield 2042 has a variety of game modes for all types of players. You can either team up with friends in the All-Out Warfare mode and battle it out. Or focus on small skirmishes by yourself using Hazard Zone’s PvPvE combat system. Where you’ll need to utilize gadgets like mortars that are capable of causing damage over long distances while staying close enough. So, enemies don’t get too far away from your group unnoticed before they’re killed off one by one.

Maps and Levolution

Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough offers a variety of different game types and environments that are all available to play on seven gargantuan maps. Levolution features destruction caused by natural disasters, such as tornadoes or earthquakes; these environmental events can happen at any time without warning.

Weapons and Gear

There are more weapons than you could ever hope to use, and there’s a weapon for every occasion. As well as grenades or gadgets that will help in battle. In addition, you can attach mods to all of this gear. So, it becomes even deadlier.


Since you’re exploring massive maps, it’s best to use vehicles that can cover more ground. From speedy hovercrafts and transports with hovering capabilities all the way down to slow walking gliders for those who want a less energetic experience in Division 2.

Heal Faster with Falck’s Dart

Falck’s Syrette Pistol can be used to heal teammates from a distance. And it also has another button for yourself. But what players may not immediately pick up on is that if you fire the pistol at the ground or any nearby wall. As this guy here did then they will still get healed even though their feet weren’t touching anything.

Target Attachments Closest to Center

Battlefield 2042’s weapon customization is a confusing, often misleading mess. One good way to make sure you start out with the desired attachments is to put them near the center of your Plus Menu for quicker access.

Call in Vehicles

One of the coolest new additions in Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough is being able to call in vehicles and have them parachute straight to you. This is most commonly used for transport. But it’s also useful if there are other people who want their own ride as well; now they don’t need a helicopter or plane.

You can even get tanks, hovercrafts–whatever available slots happen to fit into your loadout (depending on what class/team combination). Unfortunately, call-ins currently aren’t perfect at all due to some bugs. Which makes requesting any particular vehicle difficult sometimes. Because not every game mechanic has been explained yet”.


Battlefield 2042 Walkthrough: Battlefield 2042 is not your average game. It’s a new, immersive first-person shooter that makes you feel like part of the action. You can play as one of five different characters each with its own backstory and specialties.

The single-player campaign has 12 missions to complete in order to save Earth from an alien invasion. There are also 10 multiplayer modes for when you want to take on other players around the world! If you enjoy games that give you a sense of accomplishment then this just might be perfect for you- we hope so because we love it too! Let us know what your favorite mode or character is after playing our review copy today by leaving a comment below. We will enter all comments into our monthly drawing.

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